Grandma's Marathon 2020

Add a Running Guest |$50|
Add a Non-Running Guest |$50|
Upgrade to Private Suite |$195|
  • Grandmas Half Marathon - Race is sold out but we have bibs! 

    1. Put down a deposit ($250) or pay in full for the Destination Marathons Grandmas package.


    2. After we receive your order we will email you a special link that will allow you to register for the Half Marathon. We have access to 25 half marathon bibs.  You will pay this yourself. The fixed amount is $80. 

    3. That's it! If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us!

    Grandmas Full Marathon

    1. Destination Marathons has teamed up with the Charlotte Running Club to participate (run club experience)

    2. When you purchase a Destination Marathons Grandmas package you will receive detailed instructions and a code that will allow you to get 10% off the registration for the full marathon (current price of $125)*


    Contact us with any questions you may have regarding registration.

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