Marc Leblanc

Marc, originally from Boston, started running at a camp at just eight years old! “It was so unique to get started this way because I played all sports and just jumped in a race that involved my entire camp,” he comments.


Why do you run?
Running is what keeps me centered and creates beautiful memories and new adventures that guide me in life.

What are your top three favorite races?
My top 3 favorite races are the Dublin Marathon, Falmouth Road Race & the Boston Marathon.

Are you participating in any special challenges right now or do you have any big goals you want to meet?
Present day, I am trying to maintain a great solid base of running & strength training. I plan to be ready for a 10k race that was postponed in May (now in November). Race or not, l am also enjoying trying to stay in the best shape possible and running in some of my favorite coastal locations along the New England coastline.

What is your pet peeve while running?
A biggest pet peeve while running is when cars don’t move over far enough when they drive past me. It blows my mind that some ignorant people still don’t respect runners/get too close while passing!

Why did you decide to become a Destination Marathons ambassador?
I just want to become more involved with DM any way I can. I believe I can help make a positive difference to help the team.