Stacy Bolyard

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Stacy has lived in Centennial, Colorado since 2014. She began running to stay in shape during her competitive soccer off seasons, but she started to enjoy being able to run anywhere, anytime. Here’s a little bit about Stacy:


What are your top three favorite races?

Revel Cottonwood, the Pistol Ultra races, and Columbia River Gorge Marathon.


What are some of your greatest running accomplishments?

I completed 100 marathons in less than 4 years, finished a marathon in all 50 states, 6 marathons in 6 days, Appalachian 8 series, The Quadzilla, and completed a 50k, 50m, 100k, 100m in 4 months. I’ve done a lot of crazy things.


Do you have any big running goals you want to meet?

I’m training for 3 races this fall targeted to challenge my speed, hills, and of course a women’s weekend! Every year I also volunteer at least 40 hours to races, aid, crewing, and community. My 2021 goal includes another 100m and a few more marathons. I’m slowly working toward my 2nd round of 50 states.


Why did you decide to become a DM ambassador?

I became an ambassador because I believe in the brand and the people. I experienced the top notch service and saw how everyone was so well taken care of. This is definitely the experience I want my friends to enjoy and I’m proud to share a quality brand in the running community.


What was your experience with Destination Marathons in Kiawah like?

We searched many hotel options and room setups before finding Destination Marathons. Half the group booked with hotels near the race start while the rest of us booked with DM… We have all collaboratively agreed we’ll book with DM for our next group event in the future. We have even considered marathons for 2021 specifically because we know DM is featured to be at these events… We are thrilled with our experience!